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Chant - Chat Stream Darren Eales

Chat Stream

(with match threads)

Chat Stream

Chat with your group & the club’s global supporters community.

Post privately to other leaders.

Chant - Matchday header DBG

Cap Me / Who's here

Cap Me / Who's Here

Check in (Cap Me) for matches and see who else is there.

Track your Caps each season.

Chant- Match Prediction

Match Predictions

Match Predictions

Members predict the score and stats.

Leaders create a simple giveaway with a winner automatically selected from the correct score predictions.

Chant - Leaderboard OLSCs



Score, Stat and Player of Match leaderboards.

Leaders ranked within the group and across groups.

Groups ranked globally.

Chant - Starting XI Angel City

Starting XI

Starting XI

Starting XI posted up to an hour before the match.

Chant - Instant VAR Polls

Instant VAR Poll

Instant VAR Polls

Leaders post a 90-second poll from five preset options.

Members vote and discuss the call.

Leaders share the outcome.

Chant - Player of Match Everton

Player of the Match

Player of the Match

Members vote for the player of the match starting in the 85th minute.

Winner selected at FT for both your group and the global community.

Chant - Tickets

Group & Individual Tickets


Leaders post tickets for sale (away match, bus, tailgate and special event) and can provide barcodes to be scanned at the event.

Members post individual tickets for other members.

Chant - Membership Card Capital City Blues

Membership Cards

Membership Cards

Members provided a digital membership card with name, season, photo and member #.

And More!

  • Giveaways
  • Polls
  • Gallery
  • Events
  • News & Updates
  • wChat Channels & Messaging
  • Club Schedule
  • League Standings
  • Match, Player & League Stats
  • Group Chants with Alerts
  • Member Directory
  • Membership Packages
Chant - Match Schedule

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